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Tré Bryant
Composer. Orchestrator. Arranger.

Howdy – I write music for and scholarship about film and video games. My background and experience is in orchestration, arranging, and transcription, the history of film scoring notation and engraving, composer/performer collaboration, and ludomusicology. Oh, and I also play the viola sometimes.

If you like what you see here, commission me sometime.

Recent Scores


for String Quartet. 2023

Prog Encephalon

for Alto Saxophone and Tenor Saxophone. 2023

The Rhapsody Trilogy Overture

for Full Orchestra. 2022


for Violin, Viola, and Piano. 2022

Scholarly Writing

One-on-One: The Shared Arena of Hip-hop Culture and Esports Fighting Games

The history and relationship between hip-hop culture and fighting video games is quite extensive. But there's so little academia on the topic. Here's one by me. Spring 2022

The Death of Sleep – the Sounds of Bloodborne and What Makes Music ‘Scary’

Gothic literautre and music is really ingrained in our casual sense of media, but we don't always think about how the sounds of the gothic influence our perception of the setting - or vice-versa. So let's talk about FromSoftware's 2015 title Bloodborne. Written for a music research course. Oh, it's also a chapter of my thesis. Fall 2021

The Crackle of the First Flame: The Sounds and Musical Techniques of Dark Souls

A short piece on some of the cinematic scoring techniques used in the Dark Souls video game series by FromSoftware that originated in film. I have a bad habit of writing academic papers on video games with questionable access to primary sources. Fall 2020

About Me

Hey there, I'm Tré (he/him). You already know that I write music. I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and I have a B.M. in Music Composition from Western Michigan University.

Born and raised in Grandville, MI, I left the nest to play the slightly bigger fiddle at Grand Rapids Community College before going to WMU in 2017 to start writing stuff.

At WMU, I did - and still do - a lot of stuff, including; working in the Irving S. Gilmore School of Music Concerts Office as the Concerts Assistant, worked on some engraving projects with Music by Black Composers, met composers and performers from all over the world, co-formed a student diversity, equity, and inclusion group, and survived a pandemic. Wrote music the whole time, too. Right now, I'm working on my Master of Arts in Musicology from WMU.


Besides that, I enjoy philosophy, chess, building Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Model Kits), video games and film (duh), archery, and long walks. I am passionate about institutional equity in higher ed, as well as issue of DEI. My favorite meal is a homecooked spaghetti.


Email: craftlord8silver@gmail.com

Social: Instagram, Twitter.